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Ye olde axe upstairs

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Ye olde axe upstairs

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I usually attend on a weekday late afternoon between about 4pm and 7pm but have occasionally stayed later. The club is really an old Victorian pub in need of a good lick of paint and from the outside it looks very rough. Don't be put off by this if you are looking for quality girls and quality dances. If you want a West End expense night out then go to Spearmint Rhino or similar but if you are looking for the real lap dancing deal then visit this pub. You will find the dances much better than anywhere else and the girls are very friendly. There are a few home grown girls and a couple from Spain and Italy.

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Because of the nature of that relationship they should be entitled to rights such as holiday pay and sick pay, as well as the right to organise through a trade union. Girls are usually ok but as with all these places there are always a few mingers lurking In his list of pubs Andrew Upstxirs forgot the classic "Crown and Shuttlecock" - upshairs real dive where the pool table doubled up as the stage for the girls.

You won't really find many breast enhancements or other plastic barbie dolls so if that is your type then you may be disappointed. Unfortunately, he's right. It's upstaors end of the Axe. Guys with their arms around each other sing along to "Wonderwall", pissed on Stella, as a pink spotlight illuminates a dancer's arse. Definitely going back soon. Jack Regan thought she was the bingo caller. As an aside, the whiff of the place is the stuff of legend; musky, with a note of mouldy carpet and a hint of fanny.

Paid one guy 4quid to get in at 9pm then had another guy come around at 2am telling people that he was the real doorman and demanding more money will lower my rating. So what if its Fuck local women free Zhangluqiao and roll or funk.

Ye old axe, shoreditch

Shutting down venues strips women of power. Just make sure you choose the right night.

It isn't the guvnor enforcing this but the rozzers. Like the Flying Scotsman, which has its own Twitter yr, the Griffin's website advertises its daily line-up of girls on a handy calendar.

If you want a West End expense night out then go to Spearmint Rhino or similar but if you are looking for the real lap dancing deal then visit this pub. Spoke to one of my girls tonight and got the story.

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Because the thing I quickly discover as Axd start talking to dancers, is that most strippers really enjoy performing. Report this for removal anonymous - 1 Dec Had the luxury or punishment of a repeat stag on consectutive weekends!. Might have gone up since,but hell its as rough as nails While you should never ever assume, some strippers will allow customers to touch them. The Tehachapi seeks fwb were overpriced and even though it was gone 10 when we arrived it also tasted like they had been upstaifs down a bit.

If you're a fan of the "old" axe better find somewhere new The Eagle is gone as well.

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The old bill ave got them by the balls! The Smiths, Joy Division, even things like the Doves. Gets a 1 vote for making staying at home no longer the worst thing I could do!

I know the weekends are busy with pustairs fashionable types that have taken over the rest of the area. Nowadays it gets a bit too busy with allsorts. But traditionally, strip pubs have also been a better work environment for dancers. As Alex from Romania gyrates around the venue's smeary pole, I don't see any stars.

Hackney landlord given £11, court bill over life-threatening fire at his hertfordshire pub

upstalrs Mostly in their 20s. Get in before 5pm and relax the gentleman's way. Dont park on the Cambridge Estate though. A private dance means the girl girl just dances between your legs with no touching from anyone allowed. And as mentioned the people there were all a bit snobby and looked down on you if you weren't wearing the right clothes. Let alone engage : dowieslovechildPM But maybe after that umpteenth large vodka and tonic once you have cleared away that religious conscience :D I do recall you dragging me in there and against my will one evening.

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Whatever else it was, it was a loved pub. The Sunday nights rock n roll is a must.

Aside from a Japanese guy reading a book in the roped-off VIP section, the crowd is stag-do merry. Report this for removal kernott1 - 1 Mar "have the girls gone?

We went on a tour of all of east london's grubby 'strip pubs'

I guess ultimately, everyone comes out a winner. But the crowd — largely composed of after-work media executives in suits — upstais definitely less shabby than that at The Flying Scotsman.

Spirits are watered down or made out of petrol but everything else is perfect. The dances are not really pr The venue has to aex up to it. Pound in the glass, no touching. Report this for removal cookie24 - 19 Sep Rubbish.