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Underground rave london

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Underground rave london

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Snap Sergio and Soul. All photos by Claire McIntyre. If you've ever had your photo taken at a raveyou'll believe me when I say it usually comes out horrible.

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It's weird, because she has such a normal life, but she gets to have her own nightlife.

Featuring everyone from annoying UAL students to a mum of three who treats the parties as a refuge for some personal time, Claire says she just wants to use this archive as "something to show my kids later on in life". A heaving undreground of ravers are thrashing and embracing on the thickly carpeted dancefloor in front of the speaker stacks. Who do you usually find at an east London rave? The organizers keep the events on the down low, and usually limit communication to the night-of.

Those who go to und music events are putting themselves, their families and their communities at risk.

They're usually organised by collectives. Legal locations to engage in raving… 1. You had a great time, but I'm sorry, you look disgusting. Who are the best people you've met and photographed at one of the parties?

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Not really a place you would think would boast the best rooftop party in East London. Read this next: 20 iconic illegal rave photos But other free party veterans believe new technology should be embraced. How does that go down usually? Walking from one rave undergroind another in Hackney Wick. It's such a safe space and people are so respectful — you just probably unddrground more drugs than you would on a normal night.

Inside london's illegal raves

What the Tory government, and all governments, want to do is to isolate people so they can raev them. Fold: a newcomer on the scene Third on our list, we bring you Fold — a newcomer in the clubbing scene, but an important one nonetheless. Open until 6am on weekends due to the great soundproofing, this is a great spot for or less people to dance the night away. All photos by Claire McIntyre. InLondon superclub Fabric also saw its licence taken away for five months, following the death of two year-olds after taking drugs on the premises.

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. There's one old Italian guy, who says he's part of the mafia. The private security they hire are only there to make undergrounnd no one steals the money to pay the DJs. The disregard of the less fortunate people and the working class fuels the disruption of traditional norms and the passion to challenge the elitists.

Seoul shuts down nightclubs after briefly reopening

Everyone shares. People are risking arrest to create a space where people can come rav, no matter who they are, in a country where social divides are increasing Sophie Duniam In a era of austerity, the und rave scene offers people a low-priced alternative to legal clubs.

One is a little more heavy techno — what you would imagine at a techno party. I don't really do the typical "on the dance floor" images. Emma Starr Emma is a professional soccer player who has been traveling around Europe for the past 4 years.

London ravers clash with police after underground rave shut down

The relaxed atmosphere, loud music, stellar sound systems, and good vibes all create the rave scenes that people know and love today. They're usually quite shit, to be honest — you're just in a warehouse. You never know where the location is beforehand. I'll ask someone, "Hey, can we go in the corridor? But it does sound like a safer environment to take drugs in.

I think it's these little gems which are so important for London, as a city that's still very segregated by class. There is very little cultural representation for anyone apart from the mainstream, and even the mainstream clubs are struggling to stay open. Late that night, around 10 pm or so, you might receive a text or Facebook message about the location — or just a picture of a map.

It could also allow event organisers to send out warnings if users are heading towards a location with a heavy police presence — a feature of apps used recently by protest movements in places like Hong Kong. I urge anyone considering attending an event like this to rethink their plans. The main area and the smaller second underground rave london is filled with sound coming from Funktion One sound systems, blasting the beat-heavy music with ease. There are different drugs for different parties, but it's always electronic.

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13 dead in stampede after police raid peru nightclub

And another woman — a mother of three — who is so cool and is at all the parties I go to. With a bone-crunching rvae system and no defined closing time, the event Lonely wives in Ruidoso thousands of similar illegal raves that have spanned the year history of the Undergrounr free party scene — apart from one key element: it was organised via a specially deed smartphone app.

Precautionary measures taken to keep the raves safe — somewhat Part of the reason some of these people like these open-to-all experiences is the normalization and socialization of drug use. Locations of raves were passed through messages on telephone boxes.

'hope for a better tomorrow'

I've partied with super local east London kids, but I've also partied with lawyers, and there's this one paediatrician who I party with all the time. But at the other one I undderground to it's more experimental and not very clean; it can get hard to concentrate. And these parties are always techno? How are they organised?

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Over the past two years, Claire has been documenting her nights out at two east London raves. So as I did more of those I met people who run warehouse raves, and started shooting them, and I really liked it. That will allow them to revoke access if a user is doing something suspicious, like accessing the app in a police station. Londln the rest is up to you.