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Knicker sniffing stories

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Knicker sniffing stories

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My Sisters First pt1 Their father would be out-of-town for a week and he'd get re-acquainted with his little sister. He had watched her almost unblinking at dinner.

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I needed to see her pussy first! I raced upstairs to the room my Aunt had said I would use.

Complete with the load I had just shot. She said " kbicker you been sniffing and masturbating into my panties again? As we lay there naked, she played with my cock, as i stroked her breasts and pussy.

If their mother's away for a few days then I make sure they've worn the same pants for a few days, so I can get the full benefit of them when they're finally put in the wash. I noticed a i was checking on them a pair of pale blue cotton panties on top of a pile of clothing at the end of their bunk beds. This is a print version of story smelling my nieces panties by bigcans from xHamster.

Nothing ever happened other than that. It felt amazing and watching my young cousins head moving up and down sucking my cock was amazing. Oh its amazing. I went out to help and my partner reaches down to the front of my trousers and squeezes my cock leans up to my ear and tells me how some hot guy came on to her while she was stlries at some Fucked girls with powderly sex and that she was almost tempted to fuck him in the changing rooms but now all the way home she wondred what it would been like to come home to me with a cunt full of some guys cum.

Caught sniffing panties. As soon as she left I went straight for the shower and saw her red thong panties laying in the middle of the bathroom floor where she took them off.

My stepdaughter caught me masturbating while sniffing her panties

She would generally come home in the evenings around ish and leave around 7 am. What a woman,what a family. Incredible, her panties were soaked. And she said those are my panties dad. I felt so excited by this lewd completeley perverted act that I got an instant hard on. God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well.

At night I would leave my bedroom door slightly open, as I would wank, hoping she would see me and come into the room. It was amazing, and there was so much cum, Married wife looking sex tonight Osage Beach started to leak thru. I even had stuffed some in my mouth and licked the insides of her sexy heels while imagining that I was licking her asshole on her bed in my house and she was loving it.

I would carefully sift through her clothes looking for a frilly or lace garment. It was half term and i had a little over a week to stay there. I dropped my bag in the room and then went straight to Sarah's room. I had thr pleasure of sniffing a mother and daughters panties and the daughters had so much more to sniff and lick while the mothers was to clean.

storirs Whoeevr it was they were in the kitchen. Dirty washing lying everywhere but right there on the floor next to the pyjamas she was wearing easier was a pair of her panties.

So I slowly pulled down my underwear whilst looking at her panty covered pussy, wishing i could bury my head in it. I said "yes, very! Then she said, would I like to use the panties she was wearing. She just looked at me, and then asked me sniffinb I had done to them.

Sniff confession stories and sins

She slightly lifted snifing hips and i got a sight of her tight little anus. In the years I had been doing this, I would sniff and lick her panties, smelling her and tasting her. So we chatted for a while! When this happened… Ive always had a thing for my cousin.

I am want couples

knicjer I said "well I might as well come clean. To me they wear them longer and don't wipe as good leaving more pee stains. I fancied one.

With that we naturally went straight to our room and fucked like never before. Shes quite tall, a little skinny, blonde and blue eniffing. I would wank, somethimes into another pair of.

Oh yeah. A she continued to talk about what she wanted to do she was stroking my cock, which was now starting to recover and harden.

Sniff confessions

No sooner had they left her sister and I got some alcohol and laid on the floor talking while looking at the tv every now and then. I cannot get enough of. She was supposed to be away.

Before I knew it I had a Love personals hard on and I was furiously cumming all over her panties, her bed in her shoes on her pillow. Caught sniffing house mates panties and forced to pleasure her. I sfories to live in a house share with 3 girls and 1 other guy.

Smelling my nieces panties

SHe slowly slid down the bed until she was lying between my thighs, still stoking my cock snidfing was now dripping pre cum, "hmmmm snifding smells good" and then she opened her mouth and using her tongue started to lick the shaft of my cock, up to my knob and then swirled her tongue across my hard wet knob. And she was a lot closer to me from that point on. I could clearly see the red thong string trapped between her cunt lips which were nice n thick and very exposed.

SHe stood up, reaching up her skrt she pulled her panties Knoxville women looking for sex, and walkd over and handed to me, always looking at my cock.