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Dogging locations

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Dogging locations

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Dogging spots are often found in more secluded areas, as is the case with Claygate Park. Reigate Hill car park provides stunning views, although that may not be the main reason for the overnight visits. Esher Common car park, Esher Locxtions description of this site on one website comes with directions. The car park just off the A3 is another apparent popular car park for doggers.

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Dorchester Puddletown Forest is a just east of Dorchester, if you come in off the west bound lane of the A35 and follow the s, park in the first car park on the right at the top of the hill. Epsom Downs The bizarre hobby regularly takes place near Epsom Oocations, according to a website.

We can't picture where that would be. Esher Common car park, Esher The description of this site on one website comes with directions. It may sound pretty obvious, dogying you must wear a condom, as a means to prevent any STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

You should see a track going off to your left, locwtions your nose as it's mostly single track from here on in. Dogging hotspots in Lincolnshire Scampton According to a post on the website a good spot to go dogging is in a car park just off the A15 at Scampton. Usually dogging takes place in wooded areas or in car parks and it can even involve strangers.

Apart from our extensive database our members can also use our interactive features like our forums, blogs, chat rooms, personal and internal mail to find out about spots in England, Wales and Scotland. Refrain from disturbing the peace or attracting attention - think of the whole experience as one big secret 4.

Dogginv is one entrance to the site on the Spout-Bolehill road. Anyone knew to the area it is straight to the back of Weelsby Wood from the main entrance.

Agree a al or safe word in case one of you wants to stop 9. Kenley CommonCaterham One website suggests Fridays and Saturdays are the times to visit, adding that "there is a wooded area and so hiding places to have some fun". Isn't dogging illegal?

Sedgefield Come off the A19 and follow towards Sedgefield Racecoures. Which is maybe for the best. Everyone should remain anonymous.

. Our website gets updated with new locations and public sex videos all the time so you'll never get bored of the same outdoor venues. A great place Saturday nights after 9.

Harvington Woods, Beckenham This is described as a new spot. Totnes Brigde end car-park, Totnes.

Surrey's 21 most popular dogging hot spots

The law If you're new to the dogging scene and you don't know where to find places where adults hang out who are into this lifestyle then you've dogging locations to the right place. Michenden car park, Southgate An inquisitive follower of one website asked what time was best on a Saturday night at this spot. There are no shortage of locations or people prepared to indulge in a spot of dogging with areas advertised on across. Dohging to the post the lay-by is on the right hand side after about three miles.

How do you use our listing? Take the Goyt Valley turn off at the Buxton end of Longhill and follow the road for about half a mile.

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Take a right at the roundabout and you'll end up at Hardwick Hall. Otherwise walk to the grassy headland between Broands Beach and Elbury Cove. Add Your Dogging Location. Coombe Lane is also a dogging spot, apparently Image: Google Maps Jubilee Country Park, Petts Wood, Bromley A user on one site said the car park in the woods is used for "fun" during the day and in the early evening.

The dogging community shares the 14 rules of 'dogging etiquette' they all must follow

It is very dark. No one should reveal the identity of other doggers and you should create a dogging name to protect your own locationz 5.

It is very dark. England 2, Locations. There are often people in cars to watch.

Let's work together to make this a great resource for all the doggers and exhibitionists out there. South London has plenty it seems, as there are at least 31 spots for dogging which have been posted online, including the car parks of two different Iceland supermarkets, both in Bromley. Lots of wooded areas, popular with both the gay community and straight. Blackhorse Lane, Woodside Apparently there is a spot close to dogginf tram stop that's a favourite meeting place.

England doggers hot spots in your area, the best locations for dogging in England.

Otherwise dlgging might be like finding a needle in a haystack and you will waste hours driving to likely locations only to be disappointed. Select your choice from the list:.

What is Dogging? So here's a list of the places you might want - or not - to avoid! Bromley Lodations car park, Bromley Apparently the college green is popular spot.

The 31 notorious south london dogging sites which come alive after dark

Visit either the upper car park or the lower car-park. We pride ourselves in giving you a safe and secure environment to track down the best UK dogging locations. Bromley College car park, Bromley Apparently the college green is popular spot.

One to watch perhaps as it rises up the, er, pecking order.