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Christian bloggers

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Christian bloggers

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This caused all blogs chrostian Patheos, the Gospel Coalition, and other similar blogs to be dropped from the list. The reason I did this twofold. Many of these community blogs are not accurately ranked by Alexa and SimilarWeb, which are two of the ranking factors I used see below. But more than this, I wanted this list to honor the individual blogger who started his or her blog from scratch, and has labored away at it for years, slowly building an audience and faithfully writing quality posts bloggrrs get read and shared.

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Blog about Christian news, comment and a dose of inspirational!

Committed to 'thinking critically and living faithfully,' the magazine explores through argument and reflection what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in our time. She encourage participants to recognize the encounters with God and the gospel story that occur in every aspect of life. Her take is not only refreshing but impactful.

Your list of new christian bloggers for

June Caroline writes about faith, family, and motherhood. They aim bloggerd unleashing human flourishing through the gospel of grace. The lower thethe better the blog ranks. She is cbristian a conference speaker, and contributing author in a variety of publications, and director of Woman Helping Woman Ministries. Her writing gives a voice to the ministry experts she consults with and interviews. Her blog is a valuable resource who find themselves blessed with a special needs.

Top 15 christian female bloggers

Write regular blog posts with great content. Thinking Christianity for Home,Church and Community.

This is a blog that is after my own heart. Feb Mackenzie is a vibrant soul with a knack for story-telling.

Faithfully Planted Est. We intend to equip, encourage, and energize Christians through the truth revealed in God's holy word.

Top 15 christian female bloggers – top must-read blogs by christian women

This caused all blogs from Patheos, the Gospel Coalition, and other christan blogs to be dropped from the list. She encourages her readers to look beyond seeking their own happiness and comfort to being shaken from the short sidedness of self to the great riches found in loving God and others. This author, Bible teacher and speaker present in a way that is personally engaging and sincerely motivating.

Not only does she offer advice for the Christian Blogger but cnristian also offers a hosts a weekly link-up and writes about other various topics that will encourage you in your spiritual walk. Felicity Dale She is an advocate for women, plain and simple, and her writing reflects this.

June Karen not only writes about faith and family but she delves into what it means to be a warrior women who is armored up. Christina writes and speaks with wisdom and clarity; she makes the Gospel come alive in everyday life. Her blog is not only impactful but educational.

Worth Beyond Rubies Est. Founder Tony Campolo endeavoring to take Jesus seriously by living out his radical, counter-cultural message as set forth in Scripture. Stories have been handpicked from blogs and news sites around the Web. Kelly Minter I was introduced to this blogger through another high-profile blog site.

Do you fear going to hell?

Godspacelight Spirituality, Sustainability, Hospitality and Community Seattle, Washington, United States About Blog Writer, blogger, conducting seminars, workshops and other speaking events on spirituality,Christine Sine believe that our engagement in God's world should be grounded in a deep intimacy with God that only comes though contemplation, scripture study and meditative practice.

One of my favorite things on her blog is her tutorial on how to learn the Hebrew language. InstaEncouragements Est. Their vision to articulate the gospel in a multi-religious marketplace of ideas and to host the conversations that shape the future of the church. Iron sharpens iron.

We believe that God's truth should be available to everyone. She also blogs about her Jewish roots. Who knew that God could forge such strong bonds by being obedient to the call of blogging?

Makers of Logos Bible Software, Biblia. Jenni Catron I included her due to her general recognition as a leading influence in reshaping church leadership.

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Our aim is to offer the freshest and most compelling biblically-based content to Christians who take seriously their relationship with Christ. Although I am not convinced that some of her conclusions are more than mere conjecture and sometimes a bit contrived, I am nonetheless intrigued and will continue to give her work consideration. Fuel Your Fearless Est.