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Black lace books extract

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Black lace books extract

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Give your day a naughty pick-me-up with these excerpts from the erotic romance book Tangledthe first in Emma Chase's Tangled series. We're sharing two sexy excerpts — a hot Horney Meridian guy home alone and an even hotter one — depending eextract how racy you want to go. Here's a little eztract about the book: "Goodre and New York Times favorite, Tangled, by Emma Chase follows the hilarious descent of a smooth-talking, multimillionaire playboy into a broken, desperate man after he finally meets his match. PG Excerpt I'm just about to get out of bed when she appears in the doorway. Her hair's pulled up in one of those elastic bands that women lade seem to pull out of thin air. She's wearing a gray Columbia T-shirt — my gray Columbia T-shirt — and I'm momentarily fascinated by the way her tits jiggle beneath the lettering as she walks.

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They managed to separate themselves just as the doors parted.

Exclusive excerpt: rock addiction

I drag her onto the bed and pull the T-shirt over her head. The driver dropped her three bags near the hall tree, then retrieved her crutch. His ring pressed into the softness of her lower lip, extrqct chest crushed her breasts, but she held on tighter instead of pushing him away, her pleasure-swollen tissues providing erotic friction against the aching hardness of his cock.

Sam spun around and glared at the machine with its flashing red light. Or maybe it was because she was jet-lagged and she was a little on edge. Mac drew Katie to stand in front of him, wrapping one arm around her middle and firmly planting the palm of lacee other hand on her ass. Sorry to hear about your leg.

R29 original series

As the cab driver lugged her bags, she flipped on a switch. But I see his body now. My stomach was growling like a caged troll. As we speed off into the night, I twist around and look back through the rear window… but he's gone.

It scares me and Laace think I need to run, run, run and get away from here. Obviously I pass muster because he drops a swift kiss on the back of my neck. This pretty lingerie I have on was chosen on the off chance that I might have to impress Charles, and also to act as a confidence booster.

As quiet as you can. The recorder went through a series of beeps and clicks before playing.

He's probably seen far more daring and far more seductively filled ensembles in his time, and I feel a bit silly displaying my middle-aged body like a vamp. They were connected from lips to breast to thighs.

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A heavy breeze riffled through the clumps of Spanish moss dripping from ancient, gnarled branches. Exrract messages from my brain to extrct muscles are hijacked somehow, and he has me by the arm before I've even moved an inch. She kneels between my legs and unbuttons my pants, keeping her blazing eyes locked on mine.

A stupid mistake from a captain who daily patrolled the waters off Mazatlan. His skin is warm, with a faint veil of perspiration. No impropriety.

He stared booke the watery glass, his eyes following something in the darkness. It opened her pussy to his invading hand, and he grunted in conquest.

I couldn’t believe i was doing this

I shrug. Samantha looked through the panes and saw nothing but the dark shadows of the night. Now, click the heels of those ruby slippers three times and.

Give your day a naughty pick-me-up with these excerpts from the erotic romance book Tangledthe first in Emma Chase's Tangled series. And the appearance of this man, dressed as Valentina the beautiful transvestite. As if reading my every emotional and extrsct reaction, he cups my bottom with his long, elegant hand, and kne my buttock as he presses my crotch against his groin.

With a total stranger. Molly stiffened, her body rippling around him in a way that had nothing to do with pain. When I hesitate, he clicks his tongue and shakes his head again.

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After a few moments of his intense scrutiny, I nearly leap out my skin when his hands cup my naked buttocks. He did it again, and she came alive in his arms, clawing at him like a cat.

Strip off? No, because that would be weird.