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Turned into a cuckold by wife and her black lover! Part 1 from 1. Author: gordon It happened by accident. I was married happily to a very sexy and attractive girl Brenda. We had been married 9 years and our sex was not as frequent as it used to be which we in the beginning made love daily sometimes as many cuckolc 3 times a night.

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We all rested and had another cocktail.

Ann has long cuckolv hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, and a completely stpries body. Sometimes she even let me in, but never with the women. I sent face blurred picture to the, now 4 other men that were going to us. She was wearing tight jeans. He asks who I am and I tell him that I am her husband and I am shocked that he is not embarrassed or ashamed that I know about them.

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I could feel the spit on my sphincster as she jerked me with her free hands. I beat off at least four or five times that day. I was nervous with anticipation. He was sucking and lapping and she was enjoying.

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He was 29, with an 8 inch, thick black cockā€¦ and it was beautiful. Michael withdrew his cock. Her face was fully consumed by the cock storiss fucking her hard.

I tried to imagine each cock, sliding in and out of her. I hung up the phone not knowing if this was some kind of plan put together by Rod and Brenda to get me involved in their trysts and turn me into some kind of cuckold to enhance their love making. Michael and 2 of his friends were at the door. It was clear Michael was definitely bi.

I could taste the salt and the slobber in her mouth.

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Michael put his cock head on the sphinctster opening and reached down and grabbed my hard cock. Then Michael really started pounding me.

He then tells me that Brenda has storise about me to him and he comes right out and says he had asked Brenda to bring me and that he got turned on even more Romms for sex Yonkers the wife while her meek little white husband watched or even participated. Chckold came at least two times. Then I see one and it is of Brenda and she has this same penis in her mouth and she is sucking this guys dick.

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I was covered in cum and juice and stayed hard as he did it. Some complete stranger, was bare dicking my wife.

There storirs were Rod rocking back and forth ramming his huge beast deep into me when I hear the door open and it is Brenda she comes over and begins kissing Rod on the lips and she tells me that she is glad that I came and that she is excited watching her lover Wife wants real sex WI Prescott 54021 my virgin male pussy, Brenda strips and s us and she lies face down with her bare ass sticking up in the air and Rod stops fucking me and he moves over and I watch as he slams his big daddy dong into Brenda and I hear her moan as he begins fucking her.

I squealed like a little girl as he drove his cock deep in my ass. I shot rope after rope of cum on her body.

Turned into a cuckold by wife and her black lover!

Our eyes locked as he penetrated her. After a rest she ordered me to jerk off. She smiled with pleasure and let her eyes roll back. sories

Both my wife and I carried smart phones and then one day when I was off from work and she had to work I srories Brenda had left her phone at home. He even suggested he bring a friend. Author: gordon It happened by accident. She then ate my raw ass clean as a reward.

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Rod told me he would call Brenda at work and tell her he was waiting and he was going to tell her that we conversed as well. She has always turned me on, not only for her beautiful face, long flowing dark hair, but her kick ass body. You could see in her face she was cumming.

She grinded her hips to help the process. Michael withdrew his cock from her mouth cjckold the other guy withdrew. I got a brilliant idea to finally turn my wife into a complete whore. Her head abilities were off the chart. He then moved away but Ann didn't move.

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I thankfully licked her cum soaked cunt lips bringing her to another orgasm. I kept a steady pace of head bobbing as he worked his cock in my mouth. I love the way the tip of my cock bends slightly when it hits the back of her throat.

Michael let go a huge, loud conquering cry as he pumped his load into my wife. I prepared myself for the pain I was about to feel. I also put on my black four inch heels and my pink silk robe to finish the look. He then shoved his cock into me.

She said to be sure to spray on some perfume like a good girl. She said no. They both watched as I jerked off with great speed. I mean, like a hate fuck, only 10 times worse. I gagged on his cock as it made it past my tonsils and blocked my airway. All of them were complimentary and two of them sent back a picture of my wife on their computer with their giant load all over Adult girls Flint Michigan.